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10x’s Gold Medal winning sake

Taiyo's history dates back to 1945 when 14 Murakami-area breweries (one with history dating back to 1635) merged to become Taiyo Sake Brewery. The synergy of those 14 breweries helped form the emergence of the brand name Koshino Tama (Spirit of Niigata). Taiyo is also known as pioneers of ginjo grade sake, introducing Daiginjo Taiyo Zakari in 1972.

Taiyo’s handcrafted sake is the perfect combination of art and science. The workers are devoted to preserving traditional brewing methods, yet incorporate modern technology and scientific analysis into sake development.

Taiyo’s team uses skills, experience, and intuition to produce premium sake, which has been awarded the Gold Medal ten times at Japan’s prestigious sake competition, the National New Sake Awards.

Location: Murakami City, Niigata

Niigata’s sake breweries are well-known for producing world-class handcrafted sake with a light, dry and crisp style referred to as “tanrei karakuchi.”   

Taiyo Sake Brewery is located in Murakami City in northern Niigata. Spring brings melting snow to the Miomote River to feed the rice paddies on the Murakami plains before heading out to the Sea of Japan. Murakami is also known for salmon, which spawn up the Miomote River during the autumn before the new snow falls as the cold winds of Siberia carry across the sea.  Seafood cuisine along with light and crisp Niigata sake is a match made in heaven.

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