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The goal for Jizake Quest is to assist not only those who have interest in sake, but also want to learn more about how it’s made, how styles differ, and how the spirit and culture of Japan play into this magnificent brew.  We will lead you on your journey to discover some unique sake brands and understand how local kuras (sake breweries) use traditional methods to make delicious sake.  Join us in our quest to taste our curated selection of imported sake, go on one of our sake brewery tours, or just scan through our pages to learn about sake, also known as Nihohshu as well as seishu.  Enjoy the passion along with one of your favorite foods for a fun learning adventure, and, of course, tasting many different jizake.

Learn About Sake

Browse our website to learn some basics about sake.  Overviews about the history and culture of sake, the brewing process, grades, the service of sake, and words to know about sake are presented to make you more knowledgeable about this mysterious brew.

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Sake Breweries

Learn about the sake breweries represented in the Jizake Quest product line.  Many breweries have been closely held by families for many generations going back some 300 years.

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