All of us at Jizake Quest are sake enthusiasts. Some of us have endured extensive sake training courses and have visited and even worked at many sake breweries in Japan and abroad. Once you taste “good” sake, you develop this passion for the beverage. You learn more about it, you taste more brands and more styles, and you start visiting the people who make sake. The experience then engulfs your senses and you learn more about the history and culture of sake and of Japan and of some inspirational journeys that some brewers go through, some for multiple generations. Many people in the sake industry describe their journey as a passion, and you will soon find out why this is so.

Jizake Quest is a never-ending journey to find the best sake of Japan and to learn more about the culture behind its creation. To a certain extent, it’s an obsession. 


Generally defined as “local sake” or sake from an artisanal producer (or microbrewery) with a variety of interesting flavor characteristics which is generally not possible through mass production. Jizake is often made in small batches using local ingredients, based on local cuisine of the region or prefecture where it is brewed.


Long or arduous search or pursuit to find something.

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