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Taruzake – sake that has been aged in cedar barrels, thus acquiring some of the cedar taste.

Toji – master brewer

Tokkuri – carafe used for serving sake

Tokubetsu Junmai/Honjozo – sake made with extra care or special ingredients or special production methods

Tokutei Meishoshu – special designations used for premium sake and are classified under eight classifications.

Umami – one of the five basic tastes along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Sake is recognized as being rich in umami in part due to the presence of amino acids which work synergistically with other umami sources to enhance flavors.

Yamahai - a variation of the kimoto method, but without mashing the shubo with poles. Lactic acid forms naturally in the shubo.  Creates a higher acidity sake with richer, gamier flavors.

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