Niigata, Nagano, Ishikawa

In Niigata City, we visit one brewery before we take the ferry to Sado Island where we will visit Obata Shuzo and Hokusetsu Shuzo. We stay on Sado Island for one night, and we will also get to experience a taiko session at the Kodo taiko center, the world-famous taiko group's home on Sado Island.

From Niigata, we travel to Nagano to visit a sake brewery in this region known for the Japanese Alps. We then head to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture for our final brewery visits and also to enjoy refined washoku cuisine in the city known for its rich culture comparable to Kyoto.

Northwestern Japan Tour

These are the tentative plans for Northwestern Japan. Please check back regularly for updates about the full itinerary and dates.

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